HALCORP - Building a better tomorrow!
Building a better tomorrow!
Halcorp represents the best in the construction research and marketing industry. By combining our knowledge of the building industry with our own personal touch, we can stay one step ahead of our competitors. As a Construction Marketing Research firm, we specialize in the cost analysis at all levels of the construction industry, and are able to service both large companies as well as smaller residential projects.
                                                                Material Takeoffs
             Product Cost Analysis
             Development Projects
             Single Family Homes
We are a full service construction consulting company specializing in commercial and residential building. Our areas of expertise in Drywall, Steel Stud Framing, Wood Framing, Finish Carpentry, Masonry, Roofing and Siding. Our Quality assurance personnel can monitor the progress on Site Work and Development to keep you outperforming the competitor in addition to our ability to assess and analyze many of the trades. Halcorp is setting the pace for building a better tomorrow.
Repairing the footers inside Sykwank's Scarlet and Gold Traditions.
We will provide a rundown for total or partial cost of materials and/or labor on a project. This can also include inspector fees, taxes, overhead, profit, etc
Given your specifications, we will help you figure out what you’ll need to get the job done. 
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